Bless Your Timeline With The 2020 Corvette Doing Donuts

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Perhaps in honor of yesterday’s Mardi Gras festivities, the experts of fun things at YouTube channel TheStraightPipes served up some donuts in a C8 Corvette. It is good to know that as modern as the Corvette has become, it still is more than capable of doing donuts like an ‘80s El Camino with a 350 swap.

The Canadian duo released their video review of the C8 Corvette (you can read our thoughts on it here) and around the 10 minute mark, a Corvette engineer releases hell to serve up several tidy rotations for the camera. And though host Jakub initially has a tough time getting the ‘Vette to throw down, the helpful Corvette engineer was kind enough to show them the ropes.

They did have a hard time getting the car to do a brakestand, though, which is a bit annoying. Mashing the brake at the same time as the gas was down got the car to shut down. I’m not sure if this is the car’s brain reacting to two-pedal driving (we can all thank the “unintended acceleration” scandal around Toyota for that, I’m sure), or if the hosts were just bogging the car down or not in the right driving mode. I’d have to get my hands on a C8 myself to be sure.


The guys say these are the first donuts achieved by the C8. Our friends at Road & Track would beg to differ:

Either way, it is a joy to see that the new, modern, crisp, advanced, mid-engine Corvette can still do the dumb shit we expect from the Corvette ownership experience.