Blastolene inspired custom Triumph Mayflower on Ebay

This car may have started life as a 1953 Triumph Mayflower, but after being heavily modified there aren't many clues to the car's humble English beginnings. These days it's named Ruby and it doesn't look like a humble Triumph, or really any other car we've ever seen.

At some point this West Coast custom found its way out to Iowa where it's been sitting idle for several years. Now the car is listed on Ebay giving someone else a chance to own and enjoy this one of a kind custom.


According to the auction listing not only was this custom Triumph inspired by the Blastolene Brothers, it was partially constructed by them as well. The Blastolene Brothers aren't actually related, but they are well known for creating unbelievably original and usually oversized custom cars that more often than not end up in Jay Leno's massive garage.

It was Los Angeles based artist Baron Margo who finished the car, and we must say we like what he's done with it even if the finished product isn't quite Blastolene quality. The modifications performed on the car—from the chopped carson top to the custom aluminum body work—have done quite a bit to transform a run of the mill vintage British car into an interesting and unique automobile.

We wish we could say we were as enthusiastic about the price of this custom car as the vehicle itself. Although we aren't exactly up on the art car market the $25,000 buy-it-now price seems a little steep. With a little over 6 days left on the auction, there has already been some bidding activity, but the current sub $4,000 bid is still a distance away from the buy it now.


We hope this unique custom Triumph finds a new home by the end of the auction where it will driven and enjoyed. To us, the more custom vehicles like this one there are keeping the roads and highways of America a little bit weird, the better.


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