Bitchin' Tiny Camaro, Bitchin' Tiny Camaro!

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Donuts on your lawn! Tipster Matt thinks we need to know about this VW-based second-gen Camaro replica, now for sale on eBay, and he's right! The funny thing is that it's probably quicker than most Malaise Era F-bodies (in fact, if the engine's been treated to a standard helping of VW go-fast gear, it's probably way quicker). You'll need to bid soon, because the auction ends in just a few hours! [eBay]


parkrndl is enjoying his midlife crisis

Now this Camaroette, on the other hand, is sweet. I'd drive it around just to be a caricature of myself. What were those little model kits in the 70's... they were grossly distorted cars just like that except with huuuuuge rear tires? Zingers, I think?