The biofuel-powered Bentley we mentioned earlier this week is purportedly Bentley's fastest. Now we've got some teaser video with angry bio-pumping twin-turbo W12 action.


Bentley added this video to their ExtremeBentley site this week and while it doesn't show a whole lot of what the car will look like, though it appears to share a lot in common with the 2009 Continental GT Speed, it does however give us a little taste of what the biofuel powered twin-turbo W12 will sound like at full wail. As in all biofuel conversions, the W12 will receive a healthy dose of power thanks to the Ethanol's added octane so not only is Bentley satisfying its horsepower addicts its also providing a touch of green based on the blend's lower emissions. Thanks Bentley for helping to save the world one fast, heavy, expensive car at a time.

The biofueled Continental-based extreme Bentley will make its worldwide debut in March at the Geneva Motor Show. Dr. Green Thumb, your ride awaits you.


[via Bentley]

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