Billetproof 2007: Supercharger Madness!

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Here we have a study in comparative scale. On a 454 or 460, this monstrous B&M supercharger would look normal, but here, perched atop a smaller V8 of unknown displacement, it looks ludicrous... ludicrously AWESOME! Sure, the engine is probably spending most of its time powering just the charger, but jeebus, that whine must sound heavenly when at full snort. Oh baby. In the gallery is the teeny tiny but banshee fast roots unit mounted so high I had to look up to see it! Okay, that's an exaggeration, but it was at least chest level, at least. And look at those headers! Ugly and cool.

Billetproof 2007: Hot Rod Like it's 1959 [internal]


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