Bikers overwhelm local cops with highway stunt show

Hundreds of Missouri motorcycle stunt riders took to the freeways of St. Louis late last week for an event they called the "Ride of the Century." For at least one member, the event produced the photo of the century. UPDATED

Organized by Kansas City-based Blox Starz, the group frequently stages stunt rides in various Midwestern cities and at paid events. As far as Missouri state law cares, popping a wheelie while putting your legs through the handlebars could get you cited for "careless and imprudent driving," but the Blox Stars say they're not speeding and in control of their bikes — outside of the occasional crash.


These particular shots from the group's Facebook gallery became an instant favorite; while some riders were pulled over, many were not, simply because there aren't enough officers to stop a few hundred bikers. The ballsiest stunt? Probably the rider who defied every distracted driving ad by posting to Facebook while standing on his bike facing the wrong way.

UPDATE: We wheel-stand corrected — the ride was put together by Streetfighters, a St. Louis area group, and the estimate of bikes that took part runs to 1,500.

Photos: Derek W. Burns via Facebook

Hat tip to Paul!

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