BikeBoat That Catches Fire, Sinks Is Not A Compelling Crowdfunding Pitch

We can all get behind the spirit of adventure. But fashioning a bike to a boat and attempting to cross the English Channel, then having said “BikeBoat” burst into flames and sink isn’t the best way to make your case on a crowdfunded expedition across the Bering Straight.

Still, that’s what Patrick Coleman is attempting to do. He’s teamed up with Francis Lamotte, the builder of the BikeBoat, who attempted to cross the Straight in 2014 – alone – only to show up too late in the summer to make the trek.


Last month, he went at it again with BikeBoat II, built out of his KTM 690, and the video below is the result.

Yes, that sound you hear are flares being ignited when the fuel tank went up.

Undeterred, Patrick and Francis, along with some friends, are asking for £10,000 to make their dreams of crossing the 50 mile Straight a reality. They’re certainly motivated, but this lone video pitch isn’t exactly the kind of wallet-opening inspiration they might need.

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