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Biggest El Camino Ever? Aces High Monster Truck-Car

Illustration for article titled Biggest El Camino Ever? Aces High Monster Truck-Car

Woo hooo! 11,000 lbs, supercharged, alcohol injected 383 cubic inch V8 good for 1250 horsepower, two and a half ton Rockwell transfer case, and 66" Goodyears. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Aces High. An all steel bodied 1972 El Camino SS which has been transformed in a wheel standing, car crushing, fire breathing (no really, it shoots fire) monster. It holds the record for the longest monster truck freestanding wheelie at 700 feet going 45 miles per hour. While an all fiberglass, higher performance version was recently completed and dubbed Shell Camino, the original version is way more in keeping with Maximum El Camino Day in our opinion. Oh, did we mention there's awesome 80's quality video of the beast in action set to the Iron Maiden riff of the same name after the jump?


[Aces High Homepage]

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@JoSCh: The man speaks the truth.