Bigger Bores: GM's Smallish Trucks Get a Power Boost for 2007

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GM's smaller light trucks are getting more gumption for 2007 — much needed, some say — with two new engines set to power the Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon (pictured) and Hummer H3. Extra horses will come from an increase in displacement of the trucks' powerplants — from 2.8 liters to 2.9 in the pickups' standard four-banger, and 3.5 liters to 3.7 in the inline five that powers the 4x4 pickups and smallest of Hummers. In particular, the 3.7-liter engine gets a 22-horsepower increase, to 242 hp, which may serve to silence those who've decried the H3's lack of go. Good news. Now, wither the US turbodiesel?

Hummer H3x to Debut in Detroit [internal]


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