Big Or Little Junkyard Toolbox?

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Seeing all the comments on the Found Junkyard Tools post reminds me of the eternal junkyard question: Do you bring every tool you own or the bare minimum when hitting the junkyard?


I can go either way, depending on what I'm looking for on any particular junkyard trip. My default junkyard toolbox, the one you've seen photographed next to so many Junkyard Finds, is the small S-K box on the right. I keep it stocked with the absolute bare minimum set of tools necessary to pull 95% of junkyard prizes, from trim pieces to complete engines, and I cull its contents with an obsessive backpacker-grade eye for weight and bulk reduction (my back starts to ache whenever I see guys trudging along like pack mules under the burden of a 5-gallon bucket full of 1" drive sockets and Archimedes' Choice™ prybars). Lately I've been going back and forth on the small hacksaw I sometimes bring, because there's really no substitute when you need to get that goddamn exhaust pipe out of the way… but it's a pain to have to remove the hacksaw to get at the tools beneath. Then there's the reality that just about everything in the yard is metric now, so do I really need more than just 7/16", 1/2", and 9/16" wrenches? In fact, do I really need any non-metric stuff?

When it comes time for a heavy-duty, all-day junkyard frenzy, I'll load up one or two of the big steel boxes, maybe put on a backpack for hauling small parts, and bungee everything onto a dolly. Cordless impact wrench? Mondo breaker bars? Hell, yes! But most of the time, I'm a junkyard toolbox minimalist. How about you?



QOTD: What sticker(s) do you have on your toolbox?