Big Indy 500 Crash Takes Five Cars Out, Red Flag Ensues

Gif: NBC

A late race contretemps between Sebastien Bourdais and Graham Rahal ended in tears and an angry Rahal, and three cars behind crashed in the check-up. Entering the third turn, Rahal was going for a pass on Bourdais up the inside. While he didn’t have the track position, Bourdais put a bit of a squeeze on the front wheel of Rahal’s car, pushing him down into the grass. Bourdais pushed into a spin, and Rahal collected up into the wall right along with him.

Before the cars even came to a stop, Rahal had his hands up wondering what the heck Bourdais was thinking with that move at over 200 mph.


As the cars checked up behind, Zach Veach and Felix Rosenquist jumped on the brakes to avoid the accident ahead, and got collected in their own shemozzle. Charlie Kimball was also collected in that second accident.

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What did not impress me was the amount of time it took them to

1. Red Flag Race

2. Clean Up crash site and It looked like they took the time to sweep the entire track. 

3. 7-8 warmup laps as they tried to get the lapped cars to the back of the field. It was neat how the finally did it but 7-8 laps!!!

I saw better organization from my old Club Racing organization