Big Blue Oval Day: Didn't The Wall Street Journal Get The Memo?

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Well, there's one big story on everyone in the auto industry's mind — what's up with FoMoCo's 2006 earnings? Although it was expected by all but the biggest Kool-Aid drinkers in and around the Glass House in Dearborn, one thing's true — almost everyone's sporting the blue oval on the front pages of their web sites. You already know we rock a stylized version here on the Jalop, but we thought we'd check out how other online sites were throwing down with the mortgaged-to-the-hilt logo. The Freep's got their blue oval reflecting trucks on the upper chrome band, while the Times has trucks being reflected on the lower chrome lip. Heck, even the Detroit News is doing the best they can with the web site MediaNews has given them — although no truck reflection, they've at least got the best li'l bue oval their a-href-dorable little web software can muster. But apparently the still-sees-things-in-black-n-white Wall Street Journal didn't get the memo. What happened guys, where's the blue oval? But maybe not rocking the big n' blue badge is what it's all about — let's find out what you think.


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Maybe Ford can get some more credit and spend a few billion on a mighty one-two punch of lobbying (shooting for total exemption of all Ford products from environmental and safety regulations for the duration of the red-ink emergency) and patriotic marketing ("You're Either In A Ford Or You're With The Terrorists"). Oh yeah, and they need to bring back the Maverick.