Big-Block 1967 Chevrolet El Camino Higher Than Just 5280 Feet

Once again, Denver's own Kitt has found an interesting vehicle parked on the streets of her city, and had camera in hand to capture it for use. Now, this might actually be a "big-block" El Camino (with a 267 or 305 or even a six-banger under the hood0, but then you figure there's no point in doing an emblem upgrade on a total beater, right? For that matter, it might not even be a '67, despite the grille, what with the parts swapping that takes place with these cartrucks; note the Malibu emblem on the glovebox lid. No matter, because on Maximum El Camino Day we love all truckcars, not just the ones that can withstand the scrutiny of uptight car judges! Be sure to make the jump and catch the rest of the photos in Part 2.


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