The Paparazzi gave Justin Bieber a really hard time on Monday night. Biebs was just trying to leave his parking spot when photographers blinded him with camera flashes and refused to move out of his way. With no other choice, Bieber blindly drove out of his spot and accidentally knocked a paparazzo on his ass.

Kids these days love Justin Bieber. I don't get it, but hey, I used to like the Backstreet Boys, so who am I to judge? With high demand for good quality Biebs-in-the-wild pics, the paparazzi won't leave the poor kid alone. On Monday night, some paparazzo dude went a little too far, and boy did he pay the price.


Biebs was leaving the Laugh Factory with his friend Lil Twist (that's right ladies and gentlemen, Lil Twist- our world has reached a new low) when a photographer got all up in his Ferrari's grill. Biebs didn't see the guy and ran right into him. The guy sustained only minor injuries, but he and his friends made a huge deal out of the incident. The video above shows them all spazzing out.

The LAPD conducted a quick investigation, interviewed Bieber, and just a few hours after the incident, Biebs was cleared of any wrongdoing. Rightly so, I think.

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