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It's still not looking promising for Bill Hults, who missed his first deadline to purchase the Packard Plant when he approached Wayne County about buying it and missed a second one when he won a bidding war by default when a crazy Texas doctor failed to come through.


If you've ever had trouble paying an overdue bill you might be familiar with the dreaded "payment plan" where you pay in small increments until the total balance is due. This is pretty much what Hults is doing to pay his balance due on the Packard Plant.

Wayne County, which for whatever reason is giving a payment plan to a man with a documented history of overpromising large sums of money, needs $2 million from Hults to proceed. They've extended his deadline twice. He came up with $100,000 on Monday. Then another $100,000 on Wednesday.


At this rate, Hults plan to transform the Packard Plant into a mix of residential and retail, in addition to the added cost of simply cleaning up the 3.5-million-square-foot site, won't materialize until the year 2245. RIP Bill Hults, the man who died trying to save the Packard Plant one penny at a time.

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