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Bicycle Riding and GPS Receivers May Not Be the World's Best Idea

Some people just don't get it and I kind of can sympathize with them. A man was stopped on a bicycle in Amityville, New York by law enforcement officials with a number of items on his person and looking suspicious. Found on the man was a GPS receiver and that's where things started to go downhill.


The police questioned the man about everything and unfortunately for the man, he sounded evasive, so the police took the GPS unit and selected the "home" destination. Upon arriving at the home destination, the residents confirmed that the GPS unit was stolen. Bad guy goes to jail on suspicion of stealing and all is well in the world of electronics. Take note possible criminals reading Jalopnik — carrying a GPS receiver while on a bicycle may not be suspicious, but acting all shifty-eyed and evasive after being pulled over very well may be. [News Right Now]

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Let us all rejoice the fact, that while cops may og may not be brighter than the average citizen, the criminals definitely aren't.