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Beyond Ultrasonic: Sears RC Ferrari

Illustration for article titled Beyond Ultrasonic: Sears RC Ferrari

The crew over at Retro Thing have unearthed an example of the apex of affordable '70s remote control car technology. Improving on the miracle of Zenith Space Command, the Ferrari brought the then super expensive world of radio control magic into the hands of regular kids across the country. Battery retailers rejoiced. We had the Corvette version of Sears radio control technology that came before this breakthrough Ferrari. With a press of a button on the radio controller the yellow Corvette turned - in one direction. Monodirectional steering made the Corvette three times as lame as this Italian beauty.


Sears Radio Controlled Ferrari [Retro Thing]

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As I recall, the unidirectional-turning RC cars of that era backed up and then turned their one direction. Which was great if your idea of exciting racing action involved a lot of three-point turns. Oh yeah, the controllers also used CB radio frequencies, so if Rubber Duck was reporting smokies nearby you'd get random back-and-turn, back-and-turn action.