Bethesda, MD Commuters Trapped By Massive Water Main Rupture

Rescuers and utility workers are scrambling to address a break in a 66 inch water main in Bethesda, Maryland which trapped motorists in flood waters up to four feet deep.

Cold weather and old infrastructure combined to cause a rupture in the huge water main, which caused the serious flooding along the ironically named River Road. Fifteen motorists had to be rescued by helicopter after firefighters managed to reach them by boat or fire truck. The break occurred around 8AM this morning and as of this posting is still causing major flooding — the valve to close off the break is located below water and utilities officials are working to get it closed. Rescued motorists are being treated for hypothermia but no serious injuries have been reported. [NECN]


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why did they need to be airlifted??? Seems like it was a good excuse to use the chopper.