Best Motoring Races S2000, 135i, 370Z, Cayman S and 911

The bestest motoring show from the land of the rising sun, Best Motoring, ran the Honda S2000, BMW 135i, Nissan 370Z, Porsche Cayman S and 911 together on the same track. The result? We told you so.


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Jack Baruth

I have to say that any of these "pro" drivers would have their asses kicked by the entire field of an SCCA regional. The driving is garbage. Let me count the ways:

1) Riding the clutch under power. That's a no-no and it's exhibited by at least two of them.

2) "Threshold braking" ABS cars way below the actual level of grip.

3) Two-foot gaps between the cars, passing in midcorner instead of under braking,

4) Abysmal wiggle-steer, presumably to put some showmanship into the presentation by making these very easy-to-drive cars look scary.

5) Inability to left-foot brake.

Stuff like this demonstrates why Ralf Schumacher wiped the floor with Formula Nippon.

This "race" is no more indicative of the cars' abilities than a show-and-shine would be.