Bertone Mantide Wind-Testing In The Dark

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We recently learned the Corvette ZR1-based Project M will be called the Mantide. Thanks to this wind tunnel photo we've lightened up a bit, we also have an idea of what it will look like.

For those who haven't been following the documentary, this vehicle is a one-off multi-million dollar supercar being created by Bertone and designer Jason Castriota of P4/5 fame.


From this heavily photoshopped photo we can start to see the shape of the vehicle, including the protruding grille, extended greenhouse and an abundance of side features. Most curiously is the object sticking out above the rear wheel. Is it a piece of testing equipment? Is it a duct of some sort? Is it there to make us look silly when we photoshop this picture? We're not sure. You can click here to see the original.

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