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Sunday's British Grand Prix saw more than its share of issues for Pirelli, with six drivers suffering tire failures. That has started rumblings that drivers could boycott racing until the tire issues are totally resolved. F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone says that won't happen.


After the failures in the race yesterday, the FIA has decided to allow Pirelli the opportunity to have two three day tests this week and there is no restriction on the cars that can be used during the testing. The short notice is proving problematic though.


Pirelli says they'll have a short-term solution by tomorrow for the German Grand Prix, which is the race that drivers are talking about boycotting. Ecclestone isn't taking them seriously.

The problem is that Ecclestone is talking like something like that never happened before. He seems to be forgetting the 2005 USGP at Indianapolis, where failing Michelin tires made every single runner on the tires sit out the race.

It was a six car grand prix and didn't really help F1's reputation in the states. Pirelli better make sure the tires are fixed by this weekend, or their current problems in F1 will turn into a full-on nightmare.

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