Bernie Ecclestone Is So Rich He Doesn't Know How To Open Doors

The very wealthy are different from you and me. They're better. They don't have to open doors themselves — they employ poors to do that for them, thank you very much. Which is why Formula One head honcho Bernie Ecclestone had a tough time with doors on his way to court today.


You see, Ecclestone is in hot legal water at the moment. In addition to being charged with bribery in Germany, Ecclestone is also being sued by individuals who claim he deliberately undervalued Formula 1 when private equity fund CVC Capital Partners bought into the business in 2006.

Ecclestone appeared at the High Court in London this morning to defend himself in the suit, but not before he had some trouble with doors. First, he couldn't quite figure out the revolving door, sending him right back into the throng of reporters he was trying to avoid.

Then he couldn't get the side door open because it was closed from the inside. Eventually, Ecclestone managed to overcome these hurdles and make his way into the courtroom.

Check out the BBC for the full video. If you're not a fan of Bernie, it's a great schadenfreude moment.


Erzhik Tem

Later that day, the revolving door was fined $25,000 for what Bernie defined as an illegal doughnut.