Bernie Ecclestone Doesn't Care About Social Media, Because Greed

F1 ratings are down and Bernie Ecclestone — the greedy billionaire muppet who runs the sport when not on trial for bribery or crushing beetles— doesn't care, and doesn't want to do anything about it because he's still getting paid reports AUTOSPORT. Asshat.

"It matters obviously, but when you say it is falling, it is changing," he said when asked by AUTOSPORT about falling TV figures.

"But I think the change that is currently taking place is very shortlived, as these social media people are starting to think it is not as good as they thought."

When asked if he believed F1 needed to change its approach, and officially embrace social media like other sports have done, he said: "No. We're commercial... If they find people to pay us [to do that] then I will be happy."


Ecclestone then probably left the interview to get a transfusion of blood taken from virginal interns offered up as tribute by each of the F1 teams.

That last little bit is key and seems to indicate what we've believed about Ecclestone all along: He just cares about the money, and maybe the power, but not the audience.

Surprisingly, the guy from Pirelli Motorsports is the guy who gets it.

"We look at how many people are watching the sport and what they think of the current F1. Viewing figures so far this year are extremely disappointing - there's no doubt about that."


Photo: Getty Images

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