Bentley Will at Least Send This Continental GT Up Pikes Peak in Style

Photo: Bentley

Bentley sent a Bentayga up Pikes Peak last year, breaking the production-SUV record in the process. This year it’s gunning for the production-car record with this Continental GT, set to go up Pikes Peak on June 30. The livery, more or less the same as the Bentayga’s, remains very good.

Like the Bentayga last year, it’s lime green, a nice historical nod at British racing green, and I like the fact that Bentley’s put its number on the grille, like Bentleys of old.


The brake calipers are also lime green, as they should be.

Bentley didn’t mention any modifications it would make to the car for the run, except it did say that an oxygen system would be installed to make sure driver Rhys Millen doesn’t get altitude sickness.

The current production-car record is held by the Porsche 911 Turbo S, which went up Pikes Peak in 10:26.9 in 2015.


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