Beltway sex driver celebrates on Twitter after $22,000 judgment

The Virginia man accused of having sex when his car hit a taxi on the Beltway in Virginia last year was ordered by a jury to pay $22,000 — but judging by his Twitter feed, the party's still on.


Salem Trad, 22, was convicted of drunk driving last year following a crash where his car rear-ended a minivan taxi driven by Abdu Omar, 28. At the scene, Trad first said the woman was driving, then he said he didn't know who was driving, and finally said his friend must have been driving because he had just finished having sex with the woman in the car, claiming the three were heading back from a strip club where they had celebrated Trad's 21st birthday.

The woman denied the story and the friend wasn't at the crash site, and Trad was still convicted of DUI. So when Trad testified again in the civil suit brought by Omar, what did he say?

Trad confidently told that story again Monday during the two-day trial in Fairfax County Circuit Court, saying the sex had concluded and that he was asleep at the time of the collision. The woman denied any sexual activity with Trad.


The jury took 40 minutes to award Omar damages, but based on Trad's Twitter feed under the handle SalemsDatNigga, the biggest piece of insight from the trial so far is: "I should have pursued law. I'd look good as fuck in a suit and one of these top floor offices." Team Blackout is also proud of its Twitter trending topic.

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