Bell Jet Ranger-Powered Dax Rush

Illustration for article titled Bell Jet Ranger-Powered Dax Rush

Jet. Powered. Se7en. The Dax Rush is a pretty well respected kit se7en to begin with, but somebody has gone and built an homage to mad-scientist manliness with a Bell Jet Ranger powered Dax Rush. We're reminded of the Home Improvement episode where our hero straps the same motor into his riding lawnmower to comedic effect and we can only imagine what this thing can do on the street.

Sure the power band is shaped funny, the in-cabin heat probably leaves you with extra crispy legs, and your friends complain about the melted paint on their minivans, but we would not care. Jet powered se7en. Totally flippin' awesome. [ - you sure are]

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Rob Emslie

I'll bet the sound is wicked. Plus it'll run on Kerosene!