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Edmunds Inside Line got the inside dirt on GM's new full-sized hybrid trucks. Word is, the first among them — versions of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups — will debut in Fall 2007, which means GM could possibly beat Toyota (the big T's reportedly doing a feasibility study on a hybrid version of its new '07 Tundra) to a significant hybrid product launch. At last. [UPDATE: In the headline, we of course meant first full-hybrid trucks. The current Silverado hybrid is most definitely a hybrid - and has a plug for Skill Saws and whatnot. Thanks to Mike for reminding us.]

The trucks will be fitted with the "dual-mode" hybrid system The General developed with co-bedfellows BMW and DaimlerChrysler. Sources told IL the V8-powered trucks will get 25 percent better fuel economy over traditional models and have 365 hp over 350 ft.-lbs of torque. No word on whether the pickups' battery packs will be able to run a Skil Saw at job sites, but that would be freaking cool.


IL Insider: GM To Debut Hybrid Full-Sized Trucks in Fall '07 [Edmunds]

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