Illustration for article titled Beijing 700R Inherits Sleek Design, Annoying Alphanumericism Of Western Sports Cars

Another day, another set of pics of a could-be Chinese supercar. As with the Soueast X1 and other concepts, this car doesn't appear to have a motor or, likely, even an interior. Still, it is nice to see BAW, which produces the Hummer Jeep, come up with their own concept. Though it borrows a little here and there from Aston Martin and Lexus, we have to give it credit for its athletic proportions and special touches. We especially like the air inlets, which are integrated into the lights and include an unusual geometric pattern reminiscent of a circuit board. Unofortunately, this particular model hasn't been endowed with a cool name like "Victory Leopard" or "Great Achievement Winner."

[The Tycho]


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