Behold, You Can Get #ORLOVE’D With This Jalopshift T-Shirt

If you want to show you're cool enough to roll your car, without having to actually be reckless enough to roll your car, make sure to buy this lovely t-shirtfrom the gentlefolks from blipshift before it goes away forever.

If you are unaware, Urban Dictionary describes "Orloving" as:

The result of losing control while operating a motor vehicle, causing it to spin wildly out of control and into a ditch, sometimes upside-down.

Term originally coined on Jalopnik's Oppositelock forum, in regards to author Raphael Orlove losing control of his car and flipping it into a ditch.


It obviously comes from this famous tome, the part two of which is appearing eventually. In the meantime, buy the shirt, which was officially unveiled last night at the Apex Everything blipshift/Jalopnik pop-up store kickoff. (if you're in NYC you should go there).

Congrats to Arch Duke Maxyenko for winning our contest, and to runners-up TheJWT:

and 55Buick:


There were also a ton of other freakin' hilarious designs.

Now go buy some shirts!

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