It’s miserable outside in a large chunk of the country right now, but shh. Hush, child. That’s okay. Even if you lack the vast expanse to lay down snow-nuts, we’ve got this strangely peaceful footage of a Porsche Cayenne drifting in the snow. Stare deep into the abyss of this b-roll and be at one with the cold.

This is the Turbo S, and it is wonderful. Behold the pepper-wagen in its natural habitat, and make peace with Mother Nature.


There’s something bizarrely calming about this footage where there’s nothing but an open field, mounds of snow, and a Porsche Cayenne getting very sideways to the subtle purr of its own engine note.

Everything’s going to be okay. A universe that produces slow-motion footage of a Porsche truck in the snow is one worth living in after all.

(Oh, yes. He does donuts, too.)

[H/T to Antony!]

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