Are you a successful person that likes the finer things in life? Are you also a person that can’t imagine paying full retail for anything, much less a car that loses value as soon as you drive it off the lot? Meet your new best friend - a Ferrari 360 Spider that does everything right and leaves your wallet relatively intact.

This 2003 Ferrari 360 Spider is a supercar. It’s not the kind that would set the Nurburgring ablaze and it’s not a car that’s practical for most everyday activities, but it’s a good looking modern mid-engined Ferrari for a price that would be reserved for a car that’s been rolled over and on fire, in that order. This car has a 3.6 liter V8 that produces 400 horsepower near its astronomical redline, a manual six-speed gearbox and gated shifter, and a cloth roof that folds into itself so haters can get a good look as you speed past them. It’s also one of the cleanest Ferraris I’ve seen online, with a few added mods that may or may not add value to the package. It’s in Canada, but getting it into America is easy, since it started its usable life here.

I’ll level with you here, I have no idea what’s going on with the description of this car. Here, maybe you can make heads or tails of this:

this 360 ferrari is in great condition,just had a full service timing belts,battery,all ignition coil,oil....loaded with options 6 manual transmission,scuderia shields,red painted calipers,challenge rear grille,upgraded sound system.titanium color with dark blue interior,tires front 10-32 rear 7-32.more 10 000,00$ for kit lambo doors, exhaust tubi and accident ,.the car was sold new in florida imported in canada in 2007


The description looks a bit disjointed, perhaps because it was written by a person with English as a non-primary language, but the words “lambo doors” stand out to me. The doors open in the pictures like regular units, but that could be my aging eyes playing tricks on me. Vertical doors or not, it’s a nearly $25k discount off any other manual Ferrari 360 Spider with comparative mileage, and a great addition to any aspiring entrepreneur or trust fund baby’s car collection. Get it before I figure out how to seriously capitalize on hyperbole.

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