Behold The $2,300 Toy Jeep

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Man, Jeep Wranglers sure are expensive, apparently even when they’re 1/8th scale. The detail on this two-foot replica is incredible, but is any toy worth what you could spend on a real car from Craigslist?

Take a close look at this masterpiece from Capo Racing. It’s about 24” long, 10” high, and 10” wide. But much more impressively; everything works.

Look at the tiny little dashboard! The reclining seats! And we haven’t even flipped it over to see the working driveshaft or opened the hood to reveal an intricately rendered (and illuminated) engine bay.

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The Capo Jeep has a three-speed transmission, locking differentials on the front and rear axles, and a transfer case to switch between rear-wheel drive and 4x4.

Even the jack stands look real.

Big Squid RC has the price at $2,300, which would barely buy you a rough-condition Wrangler in real life.

Just like the real thing, this toy is a full metal body-on-frame design. It uses a steel cable to control steering and is propelled by an electric motor running off a 11.1.v 3S high voltage Li-po battery pack.

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This Jeep is just about as modular as an actual car. You can tear it down to clean or color it, as long as you’ve got skills with the tiniest tool set imaginable.

The model weighs almost 18 pounds, but it’s got enough juice and ground clearance to scale a 60º slope. Departure angle is an also-impressive 48º.


There’s no denying this miniature Jeep is rolling art, and capable to boot! The realist in me reckons it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but a toy doesn’t have to be a sterling investment to be fun.

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In a way this is the best Jeep you could ever buy for a mere $2,300. Then again it’d be pretty frustrating watching your pet hamster have all the fun riding in it. Any of these images inspiring you to plunk-down your used motorcycle money on an R/C car?


Images via Capo Racing

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Same money, can actually drive it, still a toy, will go where jeeps can’t. Hell you could probably buy two of them for $2300.