Before the Corvette Z06 Speedboat there was the Charger Runaboat

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While they may not have the obsessive mimicry of the Corvette Speed Boat, Chrysler produced a rather large line of their own boats, including the pair of Chargers pictured above. The folks at ALLPAR have a great history of models from 1969, which included popular models such as the Valliant, Fury, Barracuda, Dart, Charger and Polara. Though none of the '69 models were HEMI-powered (and a few had GM engines), you could still get one with 225-horsepower.

The boats used a hull design with a specialized foam that eventually became a standard for the industry as the foam helped prevent the boat from becoming completely submurged in the event of an accident. While there's no Charger Daytona to gawk at, the boats are attractive in their own way (we particularly like the little green Dart). Enjoy! [ALLPAR]

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My parents had a '72 Chrysler tri-hull boat powered by a Chrysler 75hp outboard when we lived in Texas about 13 years ago. Good little boat, until the motor hit a tree stump submerged in the water and nearly ripped the transom off. The boat was sent to fiberglass heaven, but the motor lived on in another old boat we got.

The Chrysler outboards were easy to identify with their odd shaped covers with a center latch.