Because There Aren't Enough Wheelstanders These Days: The Hurst Hemi Under Glass

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Wheelies are a primal thing. As kids, we invariably try to hold the longest one we can on our bicycles. They're somehow hard-wired into the "Dude, that's totally awesome!" sector of our brain, which we believe is wedged in directly above and in front of the cerebellum, but bear in mind we haven't had anatomy in well over a decade at this point. And the ultimate expression of the wheelieing art are wheelstanders. Sure, sportbikes are cool, but it seems like any squid with pot-metal cojones can hop on a YZF-R1 and do wheelies 'til they scrape his flip-flop-and-tank-top-wearing face off of a PED XING sign. It takes a real man to pilot a wheelstander. The legendary Hurst Hemi Under Glass is just such a vehicle. And Bob Riggle is just such a real man.


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