Look, I know we're all upset about wealthy people, income inequality, Gini co-efficients, blah blah, hot protesters, etc. But what about the benefits of money, like being able to hide in vehicles like the Marchi Mobile eleMMent, an RV from Mars?

Fans of designer Luigi Colani will recognize the front end of this semi-sized hauler as his work, versions of which Austrian firm Marchi has been using for promotional vehicles in Europe. Their new idea is to build the superyacht for road sailors that tells the world you can buy a massive RV but not corrective lenses.


Hauled by a 510-hp diesel engine, the eleMMent has everything one needs for a rolling bacchanalia; pop-up "sky lounge"/DJ booth, transformable lounge seating with massaging functions and a marble-lined bathroom suites that make cleaning up powder residue a breeze.

Price? Who knows. Whatever it is, it would be justified solely to walk into an AutoZone and see their reaction after you request a free wiper blade installation.

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