Because Mitsu MIEV Technology Was Completely Predated: Four-Engined Dragsters

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Yeah, yeah. You can have your in-wheel electric motor thamofrazzes. We're not gonna take 'em from you. But somehow Mitsubishi's MIEV cars just don't pack the same mallet to the unmentionables that Tommy Ivo's quad-motored Buick station wagon did. One of the best things we've ever heard was at a Ron Covell metalworking seminar on tubing. Kent Fuller, who was Covell's mentor in the early days, when the master metalsmith was honing his trade building rail bodies, stood up and said, "I'm Kent Fuller, and I've thrown away more tubing in my life than you've bent."

Fuller built the chassis for Ivo's archrival car, the Ford Mustang Mach IV. We've decided that Mitsubishi needs to build a Tommy Evo drag car, with four MR 340 FQ mills (Did we get that right? Alphanumerics more complex than "ABC" confuse us) driving the four wheels. Preferably sucking nitro. With lots of zoomies. And an abbreviated Starion body.

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The EVO could be a fantastic drag car if there was a viable series in which for to race. I'd go to the drag races in a 4G63 second to witness a 16-car field of 9 or 10 second all-wheel drive EVOS heads-up NO rules mayhem.

Unfortunately the NHRA refuses to allow any innovation whatsoever. No EFI . No turbos. No fun. Nothing.

They killed the one series where change was encouraged by applying the same we know what's good for the Stri-Vectin Skull Shine by Torco for Fram Autolite car and we know what's good for you thinking to the Sport Compact deal.