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Now this is more like it. The original Geely Beauty Leopard coupe looked like something born of congress between a Geo Storm and a first-gen Hyundai Tiburon. But with so much domestic competition, Geely couldn't default to mid-1990s Korean design constructs. It had to aim higher, and it has. Aimed, that is. Still, this new model has the same kind of ugly-appeal tension American Motors mastered in the 1970s, first with the AMX. Of course, the new Beauty Leopard has a close visual cousin in the Nissan GT-R, which also has an ugly mug but well-formed rear quarter. Looks like the '90s are over in China — finally.


Geely finally hires a proper designer, remakes the Beauty Leopard [China Car Times]

In Russia, Geely Assembles YOU for a Happy Life!; Happy Life! Beauty Leopard Coming to Europe [internal]


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