Beatnik? Sure. But Does it Make the Jetsons' Car Sound?

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Gary "Chopit" Fioto grew up loving the wacked-out, atomic-powered daydreams of guys like the Alexander Brothers, Ed Roth and Darryl Starbird — rodders and customizers whose creativity seemed to know no boundaries, and if their vehicles were excessive, they were excessive in an outlandishly amazing way that seemed to fulfill the same sort of promise as Ford's Nucleon concept car. So, starting with a rusted-out hulk of a '55 Ford, Chopit decided to pay tribute. And the Beatnik, despite its rather unoriginal moniker, is the rather stunning result. From pedestrian pieces (Lincoln Town Car chassis, Chevy small block) and a huge sheet of blown Lexan, Chopit's turned the old warhorse into a menacing flight of fancy. We like it. We like it a lot.

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