Beastly 2016 Cadillac CTS-V Starts At $84K, Still Cheaper Than Germans

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With the 2016 Cadillac ATS-V having proven itself worthy, all eyes are now on its big brother, the 640 horsepower, Z06-engined 2016 CTS-V. That car sounds like a Whole Lotta Rosie, but all that ferocity’s gonna cost you with a base price of $83,995.


Cadillac announced today that the most powerful road car in their history will go on sale this summer with a substantial base price increase over the old CTS-V, which usually went for around $70,000. With destination price the new car will be more than $84,000.

It’s also a lot more car than the old CTS-V, boasting nearly 100 additional horsepower, more torque at 630 pound-feet, and an all-new eight-speed automatic. No manual this time, sorry.

It’s admittedly a steep price for a Cadillac. But it’s quite a bit cheaper than its German competitors. A BMW M5 starts at $93,600, an Audi RS7 starts at $108,900, and a Mercedes E63 AMG starts at $101,700. The CTS-V is also a lot more powerful than those cars. Viewed that way, it may just be a steal.

If that ATS-V was any indication, the Germans need to worry about the CTS-V in terms of driving dynamics. But will that be enough to convince luxury buyers to fork over their cold, hard cash?

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Brian, The Life of

Jacking the price up my not be a bad idea at all. Cadillac has been struggling in sales against their target competitors. In the luxury realm, it’s well known that a lower-priced alternative is seen as possessing lower value. If anything, maybe they didn’t raise the price enough.