A Colorado brown bear got trapped inside a car after opening the door in search of a sandwich. When the door closed, the bear panicked, managed to knock the car into neutral, and rolled into some nearby trees.

17-year-old Ben Story was awoken to the sound of his car's horn blaring in the distance and missing from his driveway. When he went to investigate he discovered a large brown bear trapped inside his car and thrashing around trying to escape. The bear had somehow managed to open the car door and get trapped after it detected the smell of a delicious sandwich Story had left inside. While inside, the bear managed to hit the shifter and put the car in neutral at which point it rolled out of the driveway and into some trees. Police deputies managed to free the bear by tying a rope to the handle and pulling the door open from a distance.

The bear was uninjured. The sandwich and inside of the car reportedly didn't fare so well. [KTVU]