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Bear Demolition Team Hates Your Non-Hybrid Sub-Compact

I should have been listening to Steven Colbert this entire time, but noooo. And now I witness a sub-compact ZAZ being subjected to the wrath of...bears! I know what's the source of the bears' rage, too—it's the environment. If we don't shape up and start driving the hell out of hybrids and other alternative energy vehicles, the bears will do this to all of our pre-hybrid rides. Yes, all holdouts will become victims of the number one threat of Colbert Report Threat-Down. We have been warned.[Presurfer]


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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

@Buckster: We call it rockmelon. I'll give it a go

@Euromobile: No, but this little cunt parks outside my window on the street and does this 'rev rev rev' thing just before he shuts off or before he takes off. It sounds pathetic with it's little standard 1.8L engine and a 3 1/2" tail pipe.