Bear Charges Car After Driver Stops And Gawks At It Maybe Just Leave The Bear Alone

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Two people are driving along a road in Alaska. La de da. Hm, look up ahead. It’s a bear. Daw, cool. Let’s stop and stare at it, they say. No thanks, the beautiful bear responds, I’m gonna run straight at you. Ha ha.

Who wants a bear to run straight at them, ever? Well, maybe these two shouldn’t have stopped at gawked at it. In it’s home. You know, the woods.

In the description of the video posted on YouTube, one of the passengers, Cody Kunau, says he and his friend Samantha came across the bear on a road in Yakutat, Alaska. Not an unfamiliar sight for the area.


“Usually, the bears run off and catching a close up glimpse is hard,” Kunau wrote. “We slowed our vehicle down to where we saw the bear cross the road when suddenly it erupted from the bushes and came after our vehicle.”

Kunau said it was one of the “scariest” moments of his life. Sorry, maybe next time just let the bears be.

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