As you may have heard, we've gotten together with our fellow car nerds at Turn10 to create a Jalopnik DLC for Forza Horizon complete with the wonderfully batshit mix of cars you'd expect from us.


In honor of this ear-shattering news, there are two contests being held, virtually, to reward you for being awesome. One involves being fast in a Subaru BRZ, the other one rewards you for being ridiculous in a Ford Country Squire station wagon.

For those of you who have already purchased the DLC, you're invited to race in the "Drive Free or Die Rivals Event" behind the wheel of the Subieyota. We worked with the hot shoes at Turn10 to pick a track that would best expose the car's tight, pliable handling while also giving you a chance to hang it a little loose in Japan's first RWD sports car in a generation.

The streets of Beaumont were a perfect fit. Land yourself in the Top 10 by the end of the month and you'll be getting one of those scarce, desirable Jalopnik stickers in the mail. Feel free to brag about your best time in the comments below.


Don't have the pack yet? Don't fret. You can download the free Ford Country Squire, slap whatever engine in it you want, and go hooning. Take the best photo you can of you jumping, posing, flipping, drifting, or just generally being awesome, drop it in Kinja, and we'll come back later and reply with a free download code for our 50 favorite images (keep vigilant so nobody snags your code).

Can you top our metallic-on-vinyl pumpkin doing donuts? Points will be awarded for creativity and amusing livery.


(Full Disclosure: This is a purely editorial tie-up between Turn10 and Jalopnik, meaning no money changes hands and there's no quid-pro-quo for advertising. As always, Gawker's contest rules apply.)

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