BBC Facing Calls To Sack Clarkson Over Boasts Of Speeding 186 MPH On British Public Roads

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The Beeb's facing some criticism today from road safety activists over comments made by the very lovable, huggable and downright loud, Jeremy Clarkson. Actually, it's not just criticism — it's an outright call for his firing from the venerable Brits who broadcast. Apparently, during an interview by Daily Mail columnist Rosie Boycott, the 48-year-old host of the world's bestest motoring show was asked what was the fastest he had ever driven. Mr Clarkson replied: "On the public roads...186." Jeez. Didn't they know he was obviously talking about public roads with unlimited speed limits — like the Autobahn? Oh, wait, what's that? He was talking about the the Limehouse Link tunnel between Central London and Docklands in a Bugatti Veyron? Oh. Well, then he's a silly twit, isn't he for making mention of it? This isn't the first time he's had run-ins over road-going incidents, despite his proud claim of having "never been pulled over for speeding."


We'll let the Daily Mail continue:

"While Clarkson may not have been pulled over for speeding the 48-year-old was hauled before court on speeding charges last year.

The Top Gear host had been accused of failing to name the driver on a speeding ticket but after an intervention from his lawyer Nick Freeman, better known as 'Mr Loophole', the case was dropped before it even began.

Mr Freeman, who has made his name acting for a string of celebrity clients, said the case was 'fatally flawed'.

Car firm Alfa Romeo had sent Mr Clarkson a speeding infringement notice, saying a car caught on a speed camera had been loaned to him.

The V6 Alfa Romeo Brera was snapped travelling at 82mph in a 50mph zone on the A40 in Ruislip, West London, on October 16 last year.

The case was dropped because although Alfa Romeo had loaned the car to Clarkson they had no information as who the driver was."

And then of course there was that whole driving-with-cell-phone incident too. Musn't forget that. Obviously the tireless crusaders of unjust speeding won't forget it wethinks. [Daily Mail]

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Jeff Glucker

135 on the 405, just south of LA in a 1999.5 Audi A4 1.8t... wouldn't go any faster... (thankfully, as this was incredibly stupid)

My non-turbo Z would only get up to 130-ish before she could go no faster...

My Ranger was limited to about 95, and I typically kept it there to and from work on the 405 between Irvine and Huntington Beach, yet I was still getting passed.