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BBC Discusses Computers In Cars, Says People Don't Want "Soulless Automation"

Illustration for article titled BBC Discusses Computers In Cars, Says People Dont Want Soulless Automation

Top Gear columnist Paul Horrell, writing for the BBC's news magazine, has penned a piece discussing the proliferation of technology in the modern automobile. He notes that computers are "changing our relationship with the open road." Hmm. Sounds familiar.


Echoing the wild-eyed ramblings of a mad New Yorker call to arms of the gentle, fun-loving soul who hired me, Horrell goes on to say that people want an individual relationship with their cars. Electronics, he notes, can help, and should not hinder, the thrill of driving. We can't help feeling like we've heard this sort of thing before.


We aren't usually the toot-our-own-horn type, but in a case like this, it's nice to know that you're not yelling into a hurricane. To review: Technology not bad; technology good. Computers good. Jalopnik good. Uninvolving, distant cars bad. That is all.

[BBC News Magazine]

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I don't think normal people think about about it too much, computers are in cars for a reason. I think that what we call soulless others like. People like making things easier instead of exhilarating, thats why we all have ABS and traction control, sure we may think its way fun to power slide around corners but when I did In the snow with my mom in the car, she almost pissed herself and normal people don't like to piss themselves.