Bavaria In The Rockies: A Trio Of Colorado BMW Survivors

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This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than Island That Rust Forgot. I've got quite the stockpile of photographs from Denver, thanks to Kitt, EJacobs, and my own bimonthly visits to the Mile High City. Today we're going to have another 3-Fer-1 Colorado-palooza, with one BMW from each of us!


First up is this BMW 633CSi, found in northwestern Denver by Ejacobs. This car looks about as nice as it's possible for a 25-year-old driver to be, particularly in a town with snowy winters and harsh sun.

Now it's Kitt's turn. This 2002 was shot last winter- yeah, it sometimes takes me forever to get to these photos- in the parking lot at the Arapahoe Basin ski area. Yes, Colorado BMW owners know you don't need a damn Explorer or Forester just to go skiing! This car's a little rough, but it still gets the job done after all these decades.

Here's a Malaise 2002 I found near the University of Denver; the square taillights and 5 MPH bumpers mean it's a '74-76 model, and it appears that Denver-registered vehicles newer than 1959 require biannual smog checks, so the owner of this rough-but-serviceable 2002 can't do much about the lo-po engine and remain legal. Can't they get rid of wood-burning stoves instead?

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Ivan the Terrabus

No space in the BMW CCA sticker, it's an old one. BMW forced the club to add the space.

That's a '73 in the snow (because of the front bumper overriders, a few other things), and a 75-76 with the big bumpers. '74 didn't get the center mounted exhaust.