Batman Trades In The Tumbler For Korean Economy And Practicality

Illustration for article titled Batman Trades In The Tumbler For Korean Economy And Practicality

When I think of the Kia Optima, the first things that come to mind are crime fighting, yellow neons, Batarangs, and the defense of Gotham.


So naturally, Kia has built an Optima that fully embraces the spirit of the world's greatest crime fighter: Batman.

As part of a new, 10-month partnership with DC Entertainment, Kia built this Batman Optima inspired by the comic books to go on display in the TIme Warner Center.

This Optima is matte black, dropped on coil overs, has massive rims, yellow LED lighting, a custom interior, and a passenger seat so the Ringo Starr of crime fighting, Robin, can pretend he's actually fighting crime, but we all know he isn't.

But while the concept is a little strange, the cause for it is pretty awesome. It sounds like Kia has an eye towards building more super hero vehicles, which will be used to help publicize and raise awareness for DC's giving campaign to help impoverished people in the horn of Africa.

So Batman's ride may be a little different than before, but the cause for it is better than ever.

(Hat tip to CustardTanks!)


I'll be honest, the Optima is a very good looking car. It's just... you're aware that it's a Kia sedan and then it just doesn't work.