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Batman hits French Riviera in his ItalDesign Aztec

Illustration for article titled Batman hits French Riviera in his ItalDesign Aztec

In his prolific design career, Giorgetto Giugiaro never made vehicles for either Star Wars or Batman, but his Aztec concept from 1988 could have featured in both. Isolated from the cockpit by a wall, there is nobody to hear the screams of one’s passenger when the Aztec’s rally-derived mechanics—a five-cylinder, 200 hp turbo from the Audi Quattro mated to the four-wheel drive from the Lancia Delta Integrale—are unleashed on a winding road, preferably somewhere between Cannes and Coruscant. It’s all very cool, but a question nevertheless nags: Does it come in black?


Photo by Glynnis Ritchie

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I LOVED this car on NFS2.