Bathurst Kangaroo!

In Australia, there are many wonderous things — utes, sheilas, The Great Barrier Reef, Paul Hogan and road trains — not to mention a rather abundant diversity of marsupials. Some of these marsupials are kangaroos. Sometimes, kangaroos end up where they're not supposed to be, such as on the track at Bathurst during a motor racing competition.

All Manner of Vintage Iron Showin' Up at Bathurst [Internal]

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Uh... I hit a kangaroo once, on a gravel road on aptly named Kangaroo Island, off southern Australia. There was an amazing amount of roadkill on that island, and I'd been warned several times to watch out. But it happened so fast there was nothing I could do. I really wish I had killed it cleanly...

Why do you think they call 'em "roo bars"? I mean those heavy-duty pipes that they attach to the front of vehicles and that are very common in rural areas all over Oz. They're actually functional there, as opposed to here in the U.S., where 99% are displayed by douchebags who want to seem macho in their plastic-cladded pickups.