This weekend, a pack of IMSA’s best took to the Raceway at Belle Isle Park, and I was on the ground to cover the action. There were plenty of fast cars just begging to be photographed, so, naturally, I did.

I picked out a selection of shots you may or may not like from the race weekend. Either way, take a look at some pictures of fast cars. Those are what you’re here for anyway, right?

I asked Jordan about the door, and he thought that his earplug came out, it was so loud.
Kicking up dust.
Fans brought gifts for Jordan and Fonzie during the autograph session.
Don’t mount!
Five overall wins in a row in IMSA is nuts, but that’s what Wayne Taylor Racing accomplished this weekend.
But first, lemme take a selfie.

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Sub-Par Photographer and Reasonably Quick Test Driver

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